Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tell The Truth

"Give glory to God by telling the TRUTH." John 9:24

Truth is very important. Jesus is the way, the TRUTH and the Life. As Christians God expects us to tell the Truth because we have the Truth in us in the person of Jesus Christ. We are to teach our children the same and expect them to always tell the truth. Lies discredit us and break others trust in us. Lying breaks down the family. We must demand that our children tell the truth and teach them when they do not that there are consequences and that trust must then be earned. 

We must model telling the truth as well. Everything we seek to teach we must model. This does not mean our children need to know every single thing about our lives all at once, but we must be honest with them on their level. We need to be transparent with our children and show them we are not perfect, but teach them in everything. Lord, help me to be truthful in all things.

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