Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taking Back Sunday

This past Sunday at Sojourn they began a "Taking Back Sunday" initiative to help us find ways to be more intentional on Sundays. For many it is a day off, a day of rest, and we are being encouraged to step into this to learn more how to honor God in our rest. It was exciting for us, since one of the ideas they presented was to have meals or hang out time with your community group, and we had planned for our group to join us for lunch at our house that afternoon. It's amazing when God stirs in your heart the same way He is stirring in our elders. Many of these ideas are ones that I have had before as I have sought how to have a "Sabbath".

Other ideas they gave for taking back Sunday include having celebrations (which will happen next week after Baptisms), being consistent in corporate worship, writing in your journal, resting, slowing down, showing hospitality, unplugging from technology/email/social media/etc., doing additional Bible study and spending time meditating.

How can you seek to take back your Sundays?

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