Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 29 to May 5

1621. Gabriel turning 5 months! (Should have been on last weeks)
1622. Having young children
1623. Seeing them grow more everyday
1624. Great school time
1625. Going on a "date" to the grocery store
1626. Doing well at the grocery store :)
1627. Yummy ham for lunch
1628. Super productive afternoon
1629. Getting appointments made
1630. Making a great to do list
1631. Getting some emails written
1632. Jim's impromptu black bean quesadillas (so yummy!)
1633. Jamey giving a quite a dramatic recitation of Psalm 23
1634. Making cookies with the kids
1635. Getting 15 surveys filled out thus far
1636. Being encouraged in pursuing doing a childbirth class
1637. Getting some of the computer cleaned off
1638. Cleaning some again!
1639. Beginning to get back on track in keeping the home
1640. Realizing I need to write everything down
1641. Spending a nice family evening together
1642. Sleeping a little later
1643. Being able to get up
1644. Having Sisters to pray for each other
1645. Great morning at school
1646. Playing at Willow park
1647. Reuben trying out the slide
1648. Meeting Calvin!
1649. Finding out another Sister is having a baby!
1650. Opportunity to talk to the kids about trusting God and not fearing
1651. Nice rest time
1652. Getting more cleaning/organizing done
1653. Working on needed things
1654. Homemade frozen dinner :)
1655. Water aerobics
1656. Community group
1657. Praying for a Brother and Sister who feel hopeless (and so thankful they were able to make it)
1658. Talking about why we don't share and what we would be willing to give up for God (have been doing some thinking)
1659. Encouraging a Sister and answering questions about pregnancy
1660. Fellowship at BSF
1661. Encouraging conversation
1662. Thinking about where God is moving me and what I am holding onto
1663. Kids playing outside
1664. Kids asking to play outside
1665. Organizing stuff on sofa
1666. Managing to keep the TV off until 6:30 pm
1667. Jamey wanting to do so much book work that we did a whole weeks worth of language arts
1668. Doing a Russian lesson as a whole family
1669. Flexibility of homeschooling
1670. Making dinner with Jim
1671. Semi early bed time
1672. God being sovereign over all things
1673. Lillian's 3rd birthday!
1674. Jim making really yummy eggs for breakfast
1675. Good school time this morning
1676. Going to the zoo as a family
1677. Lillian loving the animals and asking to see particular ones
1678. Kids repeating all the names of the animals
1679. Reuben enjoying seeing the animals
1680. Seeing Bonnie and her family
1681. Seeing Susan
1682. Yummy lunch at El Nopal
1683. Running into Brooks
1684. Play time and photos outside
1685. Lillian loving her jump rope
1686. Watching her play with Jamey
1687. Lillian jumping and singing "I'm a Little Dutch Girl"
1688. Lillian trying to jump with Jamey and I holding the rope
1689. Jamey trying to jump with Lillian and I holding the rope
1690. Nice family dinner
1691. Taking Lillian to Pie Kitchen (she loved her Smurf ice cream)
1692. More cleaning
1693. Blogging
1694. Kids running around and playing together
1695. Smooth bed time
1696. Relaxing evening
1697. Getting pictures uploaded
1698. Brit calling to talk to Lillian
1699. Rachel calling to talk to Lillian
1700. Another year with Lillian
1701. All up before 7
1702. Getting everything ready
1703. Having 2 new ladies at women's prayer
1704. Becca playing with the kids outside
1705. A powerful time of prayer
1706. Hearing that a law did not pass! (Praise the Lord!)
1707. Getting school done before prayer time
1708. Jamey wanting to do more book work this afternoon
1709. Completing another week of his language arts program
1710. Learning patience (even though it is hard right now)
1711. Figuring out when Jim can work a little extra
1712. Jamey walking around in Jim's shirt saying "I'm Daddy!"
1713. Jamey telling us that he will be a daddy one day
1714. Gabriel rolling back to front
1715. Uploading pictures (really would love a faster way to do this)
1716. Journaling!
1717. Smooth bed time
1718. Hanging with Becca
1719. Having good conversations
1720. Smooth Saturday morning
1721. Writing Group
1722. Yummy breakfast
1723. Having Christian women as sounding boards
1724. Being able to encourage and uplift each other
1725. Seeing God work in ways that we never thought
1726. Seeing someone I once knew on Jeopardy
1727. Quiet Saturday afternoon
1728. More pictures uploaded
1729. Watching movies with Becca
1730. Kids crashing out by 7
1731. Early morning
1732. God teaching me patience and consistency
1733. Seeing Laura baptized!
1734. Seeing two others baptized! (I love baptism Sunday)
1735. Learning more about God's glory
1736. Being reminded that I cannot manipulate God and that I really don't want a god I can manipulate
1737. An amazing time of corporate worship
1738. God is merciful
1739. Hearing testimonies of changed lives
1740. Yummy lunch
1741. Kids are young enough for things to go over their heads
1742. Fun family evening
1743. Getting emails written
1744. Early bed time
1745. Cookie cake

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