Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13 to 19

1866. Having good conversation with Jim
1867. Waking up quite early (on time)
1868. Jamey doing well on the way to the hospital, especially without eating breakfast
1869. Smooth admission and surgery prep
1870. Gabriel doing well at the hospital
1871. Surgery going well and quick with no complications
1872. Cherry Slushies!
1873. Having the same recovery room nurse as we did with Reuben
1874. Getting Jamey home
1875. Getting more of Redeeming Childbirth read
1876. Resting in the afternoon
1877. KFC for dinner
1878. Going through my blog email
1879. Reading some encouraging emails and posts
1880. Getting to sleep in this morning (though kids were in the bed)
1881. Easy morning
1882. Lillian begging to do school (though we did not today)
1883. Jamey acting normally
1884. Playgroup at the park
1885. Meeting Katie
1886. Having another Sister who wants to educate on childbirth
1887. Meeting a Sister who LOVES to pray
1888. Encouraging conversation
1889. Jesus ordaining for people to meet
1890. More childbirth surveys getting filled out
1891. Sharing with Caroline
1892. Knowing that others are being stretched and grown in similar ways
1893. Eating lunch at the park
1894. Watching Lillian play with other girls at the park
1895. Reuben learning how to slide
1896. Having my sister at the park to help with the kids
1897. Being able to help Laura (so glad she lives closer now)
1898. Finally going through all my emails
1899. Writing a couple of emails
1900. Lillian caring for her brothers
1901. Going to water aerobics!
1902. "Surfing" on kick boards (this is quite fun!)
1903. 3 New people at CG
1904. Trying out Dairy Kastle with CG
1905. Banana splits
1906. Meeting a lady who has been to Romania
1907. Finding out there may be another Sojourner interested in Eastern Europe
1908. Hanging out
1909. Meeting someone who was born and raised on the field
1910. Earlier bedtime
1911. Sleeping until almost 8 am!
1912. Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast
1913. Doing school!
1914. Jamey, Lillian and Reuben all eager and anxious to do school
1915. Jamey completing another weeks worth of language arts
1916. Lillian doing better with the toilet this morning
1917. Reuben playing well and learning
1918. Lillian having a great check up
1919. Bulk cooking
1920. Starting to get back in order
1921. Staying more on top of things today
1922. Getting some things organized in the living area
1923. Doing some work in the garden
1924. Really big red lettuce plant growing
1925. Learning my trial and error
1926. Already making plans on how to better utilize our yard in the year to come
1927. Reading more together
1928. Relatively smooth bed time
1929. Jamey acting like his normal self today
1930. Hanging out
1931. Writing emails
1932. Reading emails
1933. Realizing I cannot keep up with everything and that's OK
1934. Everyone sleeping until after 7am
1935. Yummy eggs for breakfast
1936. Having a low key school day
1937. Jamey begging for more and more book work so we got a lot done
1938. Lillian wanting to work on reading
1939. Reuben starting to get into school
1940. Getting a couple Russian lessons done with the whole family
1941. Rachel and Becca doing puzzles with the kids
1942. Jim and I getting our room cleaned and organized
1943. Finding things to get rid of (YAY for minimizing! Still have a long way to go)
1944. Figuring out where to put things in our room
1945. Getting pictures hung in our room
1946. Going to water aerobics
1947. Jim getting to swim laps
1948. Relaxing in the hot tub together
1949. Relaxing evening
1950. All sleeping later again
1951. Rachel and Becca helping with school this morning
1952. Being reminded that my kids are still young though quick
1953. Lillian almost making it to the toilet
1954. Seeing God's grace at work in our home
1955. The kids making more connections about the Truth
1956. Reuben seeking out Gabriel to give him hugs and kisses
1957. Nice rest time
1958. Encouraging emails and blogs
1959. Free stuff *
1960. Opportunity to read a book and write a review
1961. Easy little things to gain a little extra here and there
1962. Learning a lot with little realizations
1963. Getting to spend time with Emily this morning
1964. Sleeping well all night! (First time in a week)
1965. Getting to practice Titus 2
1966. Getting a free book on Writing
1967. Learning to have difficult but good conversations
1968. Learning to listen
1969. Getting caught up with some things
1970. Reuben's gigantic little hugs :)
1971. Playing "Ring-a-Round the Rosies" with my kids
1972. Reuben doing it by himself
1973. Getting a plan for the rest of school this year
1974. God giving my kids amazing minds
1975. Gabriel getting a good nap today
1976. Watching all of my kids play together
1977. Getting everybody up and ready to go by 7:45am
1978. Walking to church
1979. Meeting a lady who wants to go back to Eastern Europe also!
1980. Encouragement
1981. Learning new songs
1982. Learning about God's Goodness
1983. Being reminded why i make these lists
1984. Being encouraged in writing
1985. Getting meal planning and grocery list together without bloodshed
1986. Going to dinner with Jim
1987. Prayer time with Micheal and Rebecca
1988. Friends who help you make connections
1989. Being given the privilege to pray
1990. Sweet Tea
1991. Kids doing well for Rachel
1992. Getting Emails put in
1993. Getting Emails sent out
1994. Finding Sisters on Facebook
1995. FINALLY sending out my surveys
1996. Being encouraged by Nathan and Sarah
1997. Lillian pooping in the toilet!!!
1998. Organizing priorities again
1999. Good conversation with Jim
2000. GOD IS GOOD!!!!!

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