Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jamey's First Braves Game

Yesterday Jim, Jamey, Gabriel and I loaded up for a day trip to Cincinnati for Jamey's (and Gabriel's) first Braves game! It was exciting to hear and see his excitement as we talked on the way, walked to the stadium and watched the game. At 4 years old he was a bit restless, but overall seemed to enjoy the game that was playing below. We had great seats in the front of the top deck so we could see very well. This was such a blessing! It was also a great test of faith for me. There was glass so that he could not get over, but it was still a bit nerve wrecking as Jamey is a climber so an eye had to be on him at every moment.
By God's grace he listened and obeyed and watched and cheered (though often for the wrong team :) ) and we had a good time. Jamey did ask for some cotton candy and we allowed it for his first game. (Why is this stuff over priced at baseball games?) He did complain about being hot and asked for more sunscreen to feel cooler. Kids are so funny.
The ride to and from Cincinnati were also sweet. Jamey sang Come to the Feast, which was so precious. I am hoping his love for singing will continue and he will sing more openly. We talked about baseball, what he saw outside of the window, and Truth as we drove. These are the moments that are few and fleeting. I am learning to embrace them. It was so exciting to be present for this first experience for Jamey and I hope to see many more experiences as he learns and grows.

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