Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 6 to 12

1746. Snuggling with Lillian
1747. Lillian sleeping until 8:30
1748. Great school time
1749. Seeing how much Jamey has progressed
1750. Talking to Jamey about the future for a language arts assignment. Below is what he "wrote":
          "I am going to get married. She will look like Jesus. We will have 5 boys and 5 girls. I will start a big ministry. The ministry will get medicine to children in India. I will live in Kentucky. That's all."
Out of the Mouths of Babes. Now to see what God does with this. :)
1751. Growing in patience
1752. Grocery store with Jim
1753. Becca taking finals today! (then she will be done for the semester :) )
1754. Listening to Jamey and Lillian talk to each other
1755. Jamey and Lillian wanting to clean
1756. Teaching the kids to clean
1757. Getting blog posts written
1758. Reorganizing the living area
1759. Reading more Psalms (I am really falling in love with these)
1760. Having a memory verse each week that goes with our sermon series on the attributes of God
1761. Learning about another opportunity for family connection in the summer!
1762. Seeing Pastor Nathan at church (should have been on last weeks) who has been battling cancer, check out his journey here
1763. Learning new music based on the book of Luke
1764. Jamey and Lillian saying Psalm 23 and part of 67 together
1765. Reuben "saying" part of Psalm 67 with J and L
1766. Yummy pork loin for dinner
1767. Playing Wii Fit with the kids
1768. Multitasking
1769. Getting a lot done today
1770. Going through emails
1771. Everyone sleeping until 7am! (always a treat)
1772. Great school time
1773. Meeting our neighbors
1774. Fun playgroup
1775. Talking through some things with Sisters and sharing perspectives freely
1776. Meeting a new Sister
1777. Walking to playgroup.
1778. Running into Kristi on the way home
1779. Being encouraged
1780. Having in depth conversations with Jamey about faith
1781. Working on getting the office organized
1782. Jamey and Lillian eager to clean
1783. Listening to Lillian do our whole school routine with her baby doll (she "read" much more than we do. Must not have wanted to leave anything out.)
1784. Jamey practicing piano on his own (we are not doing anything formal, but he likes to play)
1785. Doing more Wii fit with the kids and them doing well
1786. Getting a shelf full of kids books recorded and weeded
1787. Early bed time
1788. Getting out of bed before any of the kids
1789. Lillian sleeping in her own bed all night
1790. Getting more school done than I thought I would
1791. Taking Jamey to his first Braves game (in Cincinnati)
1792. Listening to Jamey sing Come to the Feast
1793. Talking to Jamey as he watches outside
1794. Watching Jamey put things together
1795. Finding parking relatively close to the stadiom
1796. Getting "First Game" certificates for Jamey and Gabriel
1797. Great seats (but cheap)
1798. Hot dogs
1799. Jamey enjoying his cotton candy
1800. Jamey cheering
1801. God being right beside us even when our minds are going neurotic
1802. Gabriel doing fairly well for being hot and sleepy
1803. Jamey taking a nap on the way home
1804. Talking to Jim
1805. Pizza
1806. Family movie
1807. Smooth bed time
1808. Good sleep
1809. Yummy breakfast
1810. Getting extra done in school
1811. Kids anxious to clean
1812. Fun play time
1813. Everyone taking a nap
1814. Jen coming to hang out and make dinner
1815. Member meeting
1816. Seeing Jonah and finding out he and Allison are expecting!
1817. Seeing lots of Sisters and Brothers
1818. Hearing about God's grace on Sojourn and all the growth and changed lives taking place
1819. Good conversation with Becca
1820. Jim getting to work extra
1821. Kids sleeping in
1822. Getting out of here barely on time
1823. MOMSTogether
1824. Meeting a Sister with connections to  Moldova
1825. Seeing Sisters again that I had not seen in awhile
1826. Being encouraged to teach my kids God's character
1827. Seeing parts of God's character throughout creation
1828. Learning of more people that might help with Childbirthing class
1829. More encouragement
1830. Seeing more and more need
1831. Kids doing well
1832. Going all day without the TV even with a rainy day
1833. Great giveaways
1834. Getting some online organizing done
1835. Rachel getting here safely
1836. All going to pick her up (except Jim)
1837. Hearing Jamey use excellent manners when meeting new people today
1838. Jamey and Lillian working together on a puzzle without fighting
1839. Jamey loving on Gabriel
1840. Reuben starting to really love on and play with Gabriel
1841. Reuben growing in communicating and being able to understand him
1842. Lillian growing in communication
1843. Lillian learning to mother (that girl has some instincts)
1844. Missions Intensive
1845. Spreading the word about women's prayer
1846. Meeting more people who want to pray
1847. Getting more Surveys filled out
1848. God giving me an opportunity to reach out to a Sister
1849. Being encouraged in mission
1850. Learning how to combine mission and theology
1851. Being challenged in mission
1852. Thinking about where I need to grow in missions
1853. God continuing to open up areas and opportunities for me
1854. Constantly learning
1855. Great conversation with Rachy
1856. Learning how to share the Gospel in many different contexts
1857. Learning more about the beauty of God (I sort of addressed this in a post last week.)
1858. Meeting another Sister
1859. Connecting with people
1860. $5 lunch deal at DQ
1861. Family nap time!!!!!
1862. Calling Mom
1863. Jamey being mentally prepped for surgery in the morning
1864. Ice cream
1865. Early bed time

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