Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 20 to 26

2001. Great conversation with Jim
2002. Feeling more confident to take some next steps in faith
2003. Continuing to grow in communication
2004. Getting up by 6:30 (having time to sleep in last week was great but really threw everything off)
2005. Having a good morning at school
2006. Playdate with several ladies and kids at Caroline's house
2007. Meeting Amy
2008. Getting 5 more surveys
2009. Seeing ladies I have not seen in a while
2010. Great time of community
2011. Kids playing together fairly well most of the time
2012. Homemade cinnamon rolls
2013. Coffee
2014. Time of encouragement
2015. My sisters doing some deep cleaning
2016. Big rest time for the kids!
2017. Finally going to the eye doctor
2018. Getting a pair of glasses the fit my lenses and were only $50! (however they do look like Spencer Reed glasses, which does not fit me at all :) )
2019. Quick dinner
2020. Great family reading time
2021. Gabriel becoming more interactive
2022. Reuben responding more to reading time
2023. Reuben holding hands and saying "Amen!" very enthusiastically
2024. Watching Jim and the kids wrestle
2025. Playing with the kids
2026. Not turning on the TV until time for Wheel of Fortune!
2027. Relatively smooth bed time after having naps
2028. Early bed time (I fell asleep on the sofa as soon as Jeopardy was over!)
2029. Another early morning
2030. Productive school morning
2031. Playgroup at Cherokee
2032. Meeting a Sister who is expecting and has older home school kids
2033. Learning more about co-ops
2034. Spending time with Caroline and Margaret
2035. Nice cool weather
2036. Eating at the park
2037. Lots of encouragement
2038. Restful afternoon
2039. Going to water aerobics
2040. Seeing Shannon
2041. Jim getting to swim laps while I did aerobics
2042. Full house at community group
2043. Talking about God's goodness
2044. Being honest about doubting God's goodness
2045. Looking for God's goodness in everything
2046. Seeing God's hand leading me more in writing opportunities
2047. Cheese dogs
2048. Early time with the Lord
2049. Great school time
2050. Reuben desiring to learn
2051. Reuben listening during Bible story time
2052. Getting everyone ready to go to the pool before Jim got back from accountability
2053. Family pool time
2054. Reuben loving the water
2055. Lillian desiring to be in the big pool more
2056. The kids learning to play volleyball
2057. Jamey jumping in to Jim
2058. Reuben hanging out in the pool, floating in a life jacket
2059. Reuben loving being dunked
2060. The kids all playing well together in the water
2061. Writing in my journal!
2062. Working on things for the childbirth class
2063. Being productive
2064. Gabriel's hugs and kisses
2065. Reuben loving on Gabriel
2066. Jamey playing with Gabriel
2067. Gabriel's laughter
2068. All the kids laughing together
2069. Jamey and Lillian saying their Bible verses together
2070. Reuben praying
2071. Jamey and Lillian asking to pray at every meal
2072. Seeing God's grace at work in our kids
2073. Putting Lillian back in big girl underwear
2074. Seeing God's grace at work in our house
2075. Beautiful weather
2076. Getting work done in the garden and yard
2077. Gathering leaves and grass to put in the compost bin
2078. The kids learning to work in the yard
2079. More sprouts!
2080. Doing some school work at the kitchen table (found this both easier and more difficult in different ways)
2081. SWI library summer hours
2082. Finishing You Are A Writer (Review Here)
2083. Spending some time worshiping the Lord alone
2084. God teaching me how to worship
2085. Kids learning how to play Simon Says
2086. Kids learning how to play Red Light, Green Light
2087. Lillian playing Ring around the Rosies with Reuben
2088. Doing school on Saturday (Yes my kids like this)
2089. Getting some Russian lessons done
2090. Praying!
2091. Getting up at a reasonable time
2092. Getting everyone ready for church on time
2093. Being reminded of God's Faithfulness
2094. Learning new music
2095. Being reminded that God calls us to wait on Him and His timing which is an act of faith
2096. God has my best in mind
2097. Being encouraged in writing
2098. Being encouraged to follow in faith
2099. Walking to and from church
2100. Talking to Bethany
2101. Taco Bell
2102. Getting meals planned
2103. Kids playing outside a lot
2104. Kids playing well together
2105. Jim sleeping well
2106. Jim picking up an extra shift on a holiday
2107. Ice cream
2108. Relatively smooth bed time
2109. Speaking Truth into people's lives
2110. Not having to pay back God for His grace

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