Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Looked at the Sky

Why is this significant?

I use to look at the sky all  the time. I would take countless pictures of clouds and sunbeams. I would marvel at the wonders of the sky. I would dream of playing in the clouds and think, "If only I could grab a piece." I would worship my God and dream of dancing with Him in the sky. I would marvel at the beauty of what God had made.

As I looked at the sky and how the clouds moved and light caught on the white pillows I realized I could not remember the last time I looked at the sky, really looked at it, and marveled. It was one of those moments that only lasted a few minutes, but felt like half a day. I looked in wonder. I worshiped my God. I thought, "If only I could grab a piece or lie on it like a fluffy bed." I wanted to dance and soar up into the sky. It took me back to a time when I would stop and focus on the beauty of creation.

Why have I stopped looking? Why have I stopped marveling? Why have I stopped looking for my Lord to come back and take me with Him?

I have no real answer, only that I have stopped looking up like I should. I look around too much. I saw God's glory in those clouds and a reminder of how big He really is.

Thank You, God, for reminding me I need to be looking up at You and not at the circumstances around me. Help me to see Your glory and bask it Your rays.

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