Saturday, May 4, 2013


After looking at my evaluation for the month of April and attending my writing group today, I have really been struck with how little I have written lately and this is not good! At least not for me. God has given me the ability to write and He has shown me that He wants me to write. I am not always 100% sure what He wants me to write, but I know that by not writing I am hording a talent God has given me and that is sin. So I confess my sin before you and ask that you keep me accountable. There are many areas that I need to write in such as blogging, working on my book, starting another book I am feeling compelled to write, emails, letters of encouragement and a childbirth education curriculum.

That is a lot of writing!

But God keeps pressing it on me. I know I need to obey, but I always find ways around it or think that other things should come first. (Yes, many things do come before writing. I fully acknowledge that and ask that you pray that I will keep all things in proper priority.) Pray that I would seek God every day in what He wants me to write.

I am planning this month to do a few Motherhood Mondays where I share a little of where I am and what God is teaching me about motherhood. I hope this will be encouraging to many.

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